For a better view
For a better  view

In a blog, the individual articles (posts) are arranged chronologically: the oldest at the very back, the newest at the front. The structure is therefore different from a website, where everything is always in the same place.

If you’re looking for something specific about labyrinths or just want to know what’s actually on the blog, you might like to have some sort of “table of contents”.

The page Contents is supposed to be the “table of contents” of all already published articles. An article can be listed several times if it fits different keywords or titles..

The articles published so far are sorted by “titles”. After clicking on a title, the respective article opens in a new window.


The two Seed Patterns

The Pattern

The Meander

New (up to now unknown) Labyrinths

The Babylonian Labyrinth

The Classical 3 Circuit Labyrinth

The Classical 5 Circuit Labyrinth

The Classical 6 Circuit Labyrinth

The Classical 7 Circuit Labyrinth

The Native American Labyrinth (the Man in the Maze)

The Classical 7 Circuit Knidos Labyrinth

The Classical 8, 9, 10 Circuit Labyrinth

The Classical 11 Circuit Labyrinth

The 13, 15, 17 Circuit Labyrinth

The Roman Labyrinth

The Medieval Labyrinth

The Chartres Labyrinth

The St. Omer Labyrinth

The Baltic Labyrinth

 The Wunderkreis (miracle circle)

The Indian Labyrinth

The Labyrinth Type Gossembrot






The first post was published on March 9, 2008.

Until today, January 1, 2023: 463 posts have been published.


4 thoughts on “Contents

    • I don’t know if anyone has made one. But there are a lot of possibilities to walk a labyrinth safely. You just have to declare the rules. And much of the designs offered in this blog are suited for such a labyrinth, especially the walk-through labyrinths.


      • Dear Erwin, I am actually in negotiation to built a enormous -temporary labyrinth for a congregation gathering at Pentecost. Some 30 meters in diameter with approx 700 guests expected.

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