For a better view

For a better  view

In a blog the single posts (articles) are disposed in reverse order: the latest posts first, the older ones following. The display of the content is thus different from a website where there always are at the same place.

Anyone who is looking for something special about labyrinths or just wants to know what he could find on this blog, maybe would like to have an overview.

I can provide this now and offer it as an own page titled Contents.

This list should be the table of contents of all posts published up to now. The same article can appear several times under different headings.

The posts published so far are assigned to headings. By clicking on a title, the chosen article will open in a new window.

The two Seed Patterns
The Pattern

The Meander

New (up to now unknown) Labyrinths
The Classical 3 Circuit Labyrinth
The Classical 5 Circuit Labyrinth
The Classical 6 Circuit Labyrinth
The Classical 7 Circuit Labyrinth
The Native American Labyrinth (the Man in the Maze)
The Classical 7 Circuit Knidos Labyrinth
The Classical 8 Circuit Labyrinth
The Classical 9 Circuit Labyrinth
The Classical 10 Circuit Labyrinth
The Classical 11 Circuit Labyrinth
The Classical 13 Circuit Labyrinth
The Classical 15 Circuit Labyrinth
The Classical 17 Circuit Labyrinth
The Roman Labyrinth
The Medieval Labyrinth
The Chartres Labyrinth
The St. Omer Labyrinth
The Baltic Labyrinth
 The Wunderkreis (miracle circle)
The Indian Labyrinth
The Labyrinth Type Gossembrot

The first post was published on March 9, 2008.

To this day, June 28, 2020: 406 posts turned up.

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