How to Make a 6 Circuit Wedding Labyrinth

I recently featured a 4 circuit wedding labyrinth (see related posts below). I also described the requirements such a labyrinth would have to meet.
Today I would like to introduce a 6 circuit labyrinth. It’s already known as a type. Here it is intended to be used as a two-part and open labyrinth.

In concentric shape

In concentric shape

The labyrinth is entered on the 3rd circuit, the center from the 4th circuit.
As a result, the bridal couple walk side by side on the first and the last part of the way.
The bridal guests can line up outside and inside around the labyrinth. This is a good way to straighten and loosen up the ceremony.

Here the labyrinth in the compact Knidos style.

The 6 circuit labyrinth in Knidos style

The 6 circuit labyrinth in Knidos style

The 6 circuit labyrinth in Knidos styleThe three “empty spaces” in the labyrinth can be used for decorations of all kinds.

Here is a kind of prototype with an axis dimension of 1 m. This makes it easy to scale.

The layout drawing

The layout drawing

Here you can see, print or download the drawing as a PDF file.

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