About us

This LabyrinthBlog is jointly operated by Erwin Reißmann from Germany and Andreas Frei from Switzerland.

Erwin Reißmann:

Erwin 2007 in Landsort (Sweden)

Erwin, photo: © Els van Lierop

The labyrinth is my great passion. I search for labyrinthine paths, wherever I can find it.

Since 2002 there is my website Mystery Labyrinth … and now this blog. I am not a digital native, but rather a digital immigrant.

My e-mail address: er (at) mymaze (dot) de

March 8, 2008
Erwin Reißmann
Würzburg (Germany)

The labyrinth is a spiritual tool for me and as a trained surveyor I am particularly interested in the craft aspects of the labyrinth symbol.

Andreas Frei:

Andreas Frei

Andreas Frei

I have been interested in labyrinths since 1992. My special interests are the inner structures and relationships.

Since 2005 I have had my own website: http://www.labyrinth-muster.ch/

Various articles published in Caerdroia (35: 2005, 37: 2007, 38: 2008, 39: 2009, 40: 2010).

Since 2012 regular posts on this blog.


15 thoughts on “About us

  1. Hellow Erwin & Andreas – Greetings from Owen Sound, Canada. I have been following your blog for years, ever since I did Veriditas labyrinth facilitator training. I need your help: do you have any rectangular labyrinth patterns, ideally with entry on the long side of the rectangle? I have a pine plantation forest, with trees planted on a grid, I am planning to weave a labyinth through the trees… I have found a square Chartres-like pattern which would suffice but I could make better use of available space with a rectangular pattern. Any assistance or ideas are gratefully received.
    Warm regards from cold and snowy Canada,
    direct email: bgwa@naturemail.ca

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