Labyrinths With Pseudo Single Barriers – Modifications

In my last post, I have shown some labyrinths with pseudo single barriers. All these labyrinths have two long connections along the main axis from the entrance of the pathway to the innermost circuit and, symmetrically, from the outermost circuit to the center. Especially in bigger labyrinths, this gives a rigid appareance to the main axis. Here, one would like to see a more rhythmic design – let’s say similar to the labyrinths of the Chartres or Reims types for example. 

Such a modification is, in fact, possible. I will show this, first, with the example of the labyrinth with five axes and 9 circuits from my last post (fig. 1). In the left image, the modifications to the original pattern are highlighted in red. The pathway is directed on the third circuit into the labyrinth, makes a turn at the first axis back to the main axis and continues there to the innermost circuit. By this, the turn at the first axis is transformed from a pseudo to a real single barrier. No other changes are made to the remaining course of the pathway. As the labyrinth is self-dual, a similar correction can be applied to the other side of the pattern. The right image shows the modified pattern. 

Figure 1. Modifications
Figure 1. Modifications

Figure 2 shows the labyrinth that corresponds with the modified pattern. By this modification of the original course of the pathway, the main axis is loosened up and two pseudo single barriers are replaced with real single barriers. 

Figure 2. Labyrinth With Five Axes, 9 Circuits, and Real and Pseudo Single Barriers
Figure 2. Labyrinth With Five Axes, 9 Circuits, and Real and Pseudo Single Barriers

This gives a more balanced design to the whole labyrinth. 

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