The Indian Labyrinth (Chakra Vyuha)

This labyrinth has a triangle as a basic pattern. It is as easy to construct as the classical labyrinth. We do not know by whom it was invented. We also do not know whether his origin lies in the Indian cultural space. Often it is called Chakra Vyuha, a strategical battle formation which plays a role in the Hindu Mahabharata.

It has only two turning points and a centre that looks like a spiral (but however is not a real spiral). Variations are very slightly possible. Then one must add only some more sections to the basic triangle. Or form the centre a little bit differently, or make it bigger.

We begin with an easy implementation by dividing the sides of the triangle into 4 equal segments.

The basic pattern

The basic pattern

We start at the top and connect arched-shaped point 1 with the free end 1 of the line below.

The first steps

The first steps

Then we connect step by step from the left to the right in same distance every free end of a line or a point round the before drawn line from 2 to 6. The result is a labyrinth with two turning points and 5 circuits.

The complete labyrinth

The complete labyrinth

The exact centres and radii can be taken from the following drawing. The labyrinth is built by different arcs with different radii and different starting and endpoints. However, they stumble freely of crease each other. Thereby harmonious lines arise.

The layout

The layout

This labyrinth has another “feeling” than the classical 7-circuit labyrinth. One notices this if one is walking the labyrinth. This can be done really or with the eyes, e.g., here on the screen.
But typically as with all “real” labyrinths is, that from the beginning one turns immediately inside, goes back and outwardly and arrives unexpectedly suddenly the centre. This is also expressed in the path sequence: 3 – 2 – 1 – 4 – 5 – 6.

Here you will get the drawing as a PDF file to see, to print, to download, to copy it.

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18 thoughts on “The Indian Labyrinth (Chakra Vyuha)

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  6. I am unable to understand why these people do not accept that indians are brilliant intelligent. We people are not aliens. Try to understand this…………..

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    • Yes, if a wisdom is from another country they will say its greek or rome culture. They like to lick other Europeans feet. When it comes from India they will try dilute it by saying its from Asia , Himalayas or “unclear”. Don’t worry, these are old scumbags who wont accept anything other than their own. They tried to do the same on Yoga. New generations and Millennials didn’t buy this kinds of crap from these old people, such as these narrow minded authors. Many Yoga practitioners and teachers in USA/ Venice LA etc etc call it Indian wisdom and name themselves Shakthi, Parvathi and all good Indian names. We have to wait for these oldies to expire, so this nonsense will stop. As we all know we don’t need to wait too long, these people will expire pretty soon.


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  10. Hello Erwin,

    This is a beautiful post.

    I have made the Chakra Vyuha labyrinth many times, even painted on canvas, yet… I did not know about its seed pattern! I think it is so elegant and I really like the symmetry.

    Because of the Indian lore behind this labyrinth in the Mahabrata, I’ve used this design to demonstrate what I call “failed adult initiations” of our youth. For in the myth, even though the battle is won by Abhimanu’s army, the prince is killed, for his father Arjuna, neglected to teach him how to find his way out of this labyrinth…


    • This is not a case of “Failed adult initiations” and this is not a myth. Its sad when limited research leads to false interpretations.

      Abhimanyu is the reincarnation of Varchas, the son of the moon god. When the moon god was asked to let his son incarnate himself on earth by the other devas, he made a pact that his son will only remain on earth for 16 years as he could not bear to be separated from him That is the life span of Abhimanyu.

      So the age of Abhimanyu or the longevity of Abhimanyu was known to Sri krishna fully, so he allowed Abhimanyu ,while in the womb of his mother to hear and understand ONLY the breaking or entering Padma Vyuha or chakra Vyuha and interfered from Abhimanyu hearing the rest about the knowledge of Exiting from that.He made the childs mother, Subhadra go into sleep so that she may not hear the exit procedure from Chakra vyuha.
      Unless this happens Arhjuna will not come in full fire, with vengeance to fight, otherwise he was behaving somewhere in heart out of love for elders and gurus.
      This is all a part of the Masterplan.Krishna did this willingly knowing that Abhimanyu is destined to die in the Padma Vyuha. Abhimanyu was 16 years old when he died in the war.During his short life span he caused a lot of destruction in the kaurava army.During the course of the battle, he killed approximately 10,000 soldiers, horsemen, and elephant-men.
      He killed the following maha-rathi
      Souce( interne)


      • Sahana, thank you so for the deepening of the lore behind the Chakra Vyuha. My interpretation did come from the limited amount of information that I had accessible to me before now. I so appreciate what you have shared here. It has changed my perspective and given me much to think on.


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