The Knidos Labyrinth Prototype

Here the design drawing of the prototype of a Knidos labyrinth.



The dimension between axes is 1 m. The center has a diameter of 4 m because it is the quadruple of the way’s width. The overall diameter amounts thereby to 18 m (= 2 x 7 ways + 4 m center).

The dimension between axes of 1 m is the distance from the middle of the border line of the way up to the middle of the border line on the other side of the way. If the delimitation is 20 cm broad, the way will be 80 cm broad. That is to be considered when building the labyrinth.

All dimensions and measurements are scalable. If the labyrinth should have an overall diameter of only 9 m, I must multiply all measurements by 0.5 (the radii, the distances, the lines length, the diagonal measurements etc.). So I can build a labyrinth in any size.

If the ways should have 1.20 m dimension between axes instead of 1 m, I multiply all data by 1.2. The overall diameter becomes then 21.60 m (= 18 x 1.2).

If you want to change the direction of ways, thus e.g. the first way (3) leads to the right, the drawing must be reflected along the vertical axis or seen from the reverse side.

Here you can see/print/store/copy the design drawing as a PDF file  …

9 thoughts on “The Knidos Labyrinth Prototype

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