Ariadne’s Thread on a Ceramic Labyrinth

While making a finger labyrinth during the workshop at the labyrinth congress in Hofkirchen i.M. I had an idea:
Most finger labyrinths show the path in a deepened shape. As well as I had done it on my 6 circuit Jericho labyrinth. However, I wanted to have it turned around.
I have done this in a renewed visit in the studio of Prof. Gerhard Wünsche in Hofkirchen i. M. a few months ago. On still wet and soft clay I have pressed the lines of the path with the help of a cord and thus generated a deepening. When the clay was fired I fixed a red rope in the deepening. Thus the red rope, Aridne’s Thread, contrasts with the surface and can be experienced with the fingers.

Ariadne's Thread 1

Ariadne’s Thread 1

The copy above shows the well-known 7 circuit classical labyrinth with the path sequence 3-2-1-4-7-6-5-8.

However, for this path sequence another three variations can be drawn. I have chosen one of it for my second finger labyrinth.

Ariadne's Thread 2

Ariadne’s Thread 2

In a former post I had described the possible alignments (see below).

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