A new Labyrinth Design from the Outback

Alana Forest from Australia has developed new and creative ideas for the labyrinth.

The ways are crossing and looks like being knotted. At first sight this seems to be a maze, because there are crossroads. However, they are not intended as those. Rather one should always go straight ahead, not branch off  to the right or to the left. One can figure the labyrinth three-dimensional, like the lanes in a motorway interchange.

Hence, the way right into the labyrinth is unequivocal and certainly leads into the centre. The way out from the labyrinth is the same and, nevertheless, another. If I was in the centre of the labyrinth and want to go outside again, I must turn back and take the same path. And, nevertheless, something has changed. The drawings should make this clear.

The way in

The way in

The way out

The way out

The labyrinth sometimes changes something. Here one can see it.

A Chinese proverb says: A way is made by walking. This is applicable here literally.

4 thoughts on “A new Labyrinth Design from the Outback

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  3. I have worked with Alana’s crossing labyrinth and have found it has taken me on a very profound and powerful journey of healing and re-connection. The crossing for me adds an element of choice. Encountering ‘crossroads’ is part of life where we learn to trust and have faith. Sometimes we get to the centre via a shorter, easier route, and at other times circumstances demand we slow down and take the longer route. Either way we get to the centre.


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