International Day of the Labyrinth 2008

Today, on October 13, is the international day of the labyrinth.
Now, at first: Why on this day and who decided that?
At the labyrinth congress 2005 in Wetzlar (Germany) on the last day the topic international networking was treated in the open space and the desire was expressed to celebrate this on a labyrinth day in the future. At that time most of the participants were present and decided together:

We explain October 13, as the international day of the labyrinth: Starting at 6 p.m. (local time) all interested are invited to meet on a labyrinth of their choice. They know themselves connected with the others at other labyrinth places, “supply” each other with wishes and good energies for living together with all beings on this planet. Hoping and desiring that these forces spread over the whole earth.
It would be beautiful to celebrate this evening with a fire or a light labyrinth.

I think this first applies to the German-speaking European countries. As the labyrinth community is something special and widespread, I do not know if there is something else on other places in the world.

But now all interested visitors of this blog are invited and I bring along a small light labyrinth, which was present some time ago on Schloss Honhardt for some time:

Light Labyrinth at Schloss Honhardt

Light Labyrinth at Schloss Honhardt

This way we are all connected.

I wish all the best to all.

I thank you all for your best wishes.

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