Complementary, Uninteresting Labyrinths with Multiple Arms

Among the one-arm labyrinths we have not found any pairs of uninteresting labyrinths complementary to each other (see related posts, below). In labyrinths with multiple arms, however, such pairs do exist, at least if we consider labyrinths as uninteresting in which the path enters on the outermost circuit or reaches the center from the innermost circuit. This is shown in the following example.

Figure 1. Complementary, Uninteresting Labyrinths

Labyrinth a has 2 arms and 3 circuits. The pathway enters on the outermost circuit. Therefore it is an uninteresting labyrinth. The path also reaches the center from the outermost circuit.

The complementary of it, labyrinth b, is also an uninteresting labyrinth. In this, the path enters the labyrinth on the innermost circuit and also reaches the center from the innermost cirucit.

So far, this is nothing special. But in this labyrinth we can observe another special feature. This can be seen, if we also view the two duals of these labyrinths. This is shown in the already familiar manner in figure 2.

Figure 2. The Dual and the Complementary Labyrinths are the Same

The dual (b) to the original labyrinth (a) ist the same as the complementary (c). The dual (d) to the complementary (c) is the same as the original (a). The two labyrinths that are dual-complementary to each other are the same.

Now this is not valid for all pairs of complementary uninteresting labyrinths. However, other labyrinths exist, in which this is also the case. In figure 3 I show two such examples of labyrinths and their patterns (only originals). In these labyrinths also, the complementary and the duals are the same.

Figure 3. Other Labyrinths with this Property

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