Labyrinth Stone: Classical Labyrinth from Oli Stefani at Karlsruhe-Durlach (Germany)

The sculptor Oli Stefani from Karlsruhe-Durlach had quite an own idea how one could create a “finger labyrinth”.
Ordinarily such a labyrinth is on a level surface and the way is deepened to be traced with the finger or pursued with the eyes; in a game of skill also with a ball.

Oli Stefani has chosen a square stele from red sandstone for his finger labyrinth and has “unwound” the labyrinth on four sides. If one wants to see the labyrinth completely or wishes to follow the path with the finger, one must move himself  and walk round the stone. There is more movement than with a usual finger labyrinth.

For his first work he has chosen the classical 7 circuit labyrinth in square form. The stone is now some years old and stands in a private garden in Durlach and is not open to the public. It’s a pity!

The entrance into the labyrinth is on the top side. The path is indicated by the deepened line and leads first to the left (if you watch the front side).
The photos show the stone from all sides. There arise astonishing looks at the well-known pattern of the classical labyrinth.

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