The Knidos Labyrinth at Eisingen (Germany)

On the Labyrinth Congress 2003 in Zürich (Switzerland) I got to know the Theaterwerkstatt (theater workshop) Eisingen. They performed the masque “Labyrinth”.
At this the wish to install a permament labyrinth in the Saint Josefs-Stift Eisingen was woken up. Two years later I could contribute my part to it by making the design.

On the 5th of May, 2005 the labyrinth was introduced in Eisingen to the public.

In the meantime, more than 8 years have passed. Time to have a look at it once again. Especially successful this works, e.g., from a balloon. My children recently had a single opportunity. Thus I owe these miraculous pictures to my son-in-law who could take them in the light of the setting sun on the 28th of August, 2013. Many thanks for it.

The St. Josefs-Stift with the labyrinth

The St. Josefs-Stift with the labyrinth, Photo © Robert Knötgen

The labyrinth in 2013

The labyrinth in 2013, Photo © Robert Knötgen

Here the layout drawing and the technical data. The path’s width (between the axes) is 1.50 m. The center has the fourfold of the path width, so 6 m. The whole diameter is 27 m. The way into the the middle amounts to 354 m. The geographic position is a N 49° 45′ 20.8″, E 9° 50′ 25.4″.

Layout drawing 2005

Layout drawing 2005

Meanwhile the labyrinth is also to be seen on Google Earth. Here in a taking from 2008:

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