6th Intern. Labyrinth Congress 2012 at Hofkirchen i.M. (Austria): The Beginning is the End

and the end is the beginning, says the labyrinth.

Plant labyrinth

Plant labyrinth

This is why I report only now about the beginning of the congress.
On Thursday 2nd of August, 2012 at 6 pm was the opening at the inn Froschauer with a common dinner, the obligatory words of welcome and some interludes. There was an eager and cheerful mood to what also the good labyrinth beer contributed (at least at the male participants).
Parenthesis: The report corresponds to my personal and subjective view; I cannot speak for everybody.
Afterwards all went in a torchlight procession to the Hofkirchen Encounter labyrinth, that is configured as a 4-circuit plant labyrinth. With full moon and musical company, unfortunately to a little bit windy weather.

Then on Friday 3rd of August, 2012 the congress got started. The morning was dedicated to the Encounter labyrinth. On the place before the labyrinth we celebrated some simple circle dances (also suitable for “unskilled”). Afterwards all walked into the labyrinth where Brigitta, one of the local labyrinth facilitators, told in the middle a small fairy tale. It easily started to rain what could cloud, however, the mood not significantly.

The place

And from afternoon on sunshine was announced for the remaining time of the congress. The lunch for everybody was again in Froschauer’s inn and in the afternoon the different workshops began at different places with different advisers.
The dinner was at the parish community center which was also the place to go every morning. In the evening we heard a baroque concert of Claudia Woldan (baroque violin) and Stefan Baier (harpsichord) in the “Stadel” (barn).

Here some pictures (Thanks to Bettina, Ilka and Ewald):

Please try also to use the carousel for looking the pictures in full screen mode. Click inside any picture. Then you can scroll forwards and backwards. To return to this post click into the black surface or press the “Esc” key on your keyboard.

The next day (Saturday) we visited the stone labyrinth, continued with workshops and in the evening we enjoyed the world music concert with the Los  Gringos: Otto Lechner, Klaus Trabitsch, Peter Rosmanith.

On Sunday we walked the art labyrinth, and after a common lunch it was time to say farewell.

I still reported on this.

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4 thoughts on “6th Intern. Labyrinth Congress 2012 at Hofkirchen i.M. (Austria): The Beginning is the End

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  2. Thank you for bringing me in at the end, to the beginning of this gathering of labyrinth enthusiasts! It looks like you all had a very good time and walked some beautiful labyrinths. I like these connections with others who enjoy the meandering paths that have captured our imaginations and inquisitive minds…


    • Yes Lea,
      it was a great time there at the gathering. And I returned to Hofkirchen for two weeks to deepen the connections and the experiences.
      But I also follow your TLS gathering on Facebook!


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