Dolen in dit doolhof: The Water Labyrinth at Nijmegen (NL)

The next station on tour B of the Dutch Maze and Labyrinth Symposium 2011 on June 3, was the water labyrinth in Nijmegen.
It was constructed in 1981 by the German artist Klaus van de Locht (1942 – 2003) along the river Waal when the area of the old harbour was rebuilt.  The labyrinth is a seven circuit classical labyrinth. The way is built of quarrystones and small water channels form the limitation.


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The artist writes about his work:

The spiritual and physical participation of the visitors is a necessary part of this sculpture, the interaction of work and receiver is the aim. This sculptural structure wants to be used, walked, climbed, be felt, … in the true sense of the word wants to be lived.

In this interactive map from Google Earth you can see the labyrinth:

On YouTube there is a wonderful video of the autumnal labyrinth. Please, be patient while looking, it is 10 minutes long.


Here you will find other photos of the labyrinth and introductory words of Klaus van de Locht (in Dutch): Link >

If you click on the website on [terug naar index] you will come to the main page and can still find out a lot more about and from Klaus van de Locht.

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