How to mowe a Labyrinth into a Meadow

If one wants to make a labyrinth in this way it is the best to represent the path, also called Ariadne’s thread. And not the delimitation, as it is usual when building a labyrinth. Thus the labyrinth is cut out from the grass. This can be done best  if the grass is not yet so high.

If one knows how the path is running and if there is enough place, one can begin directly with the lawn mower. One should make no mistakes and think about the course of the paths. I mean here the classical labyrinth, from which the way sequence is well known: 3 – 2 – 1 – 4 – 7 – 6 – 5 – center.

If one wants to make it more exactly, one can use the following method.

I use for it 5 approximately 1 m long and 1 cm thick iron bars together with a 3 mm thick steel rope  marked corresponding to the different diameters. A rope would do it also, but is mostly lengthened too much.

As example serves a labyrinth with larger center (called Knidos labyrinth) and the dimension between axes of 1 m. With a center of 4 m in diameter this results in an overall diameter of 18 m. That is however scalable. If I want for example only an overall diameter of 9 m, I multiply all dimensions (also the diagonals) with 0,5. With factor 0,6 I will get then an overall diameter of 10,80 m. And so on.

First I specify the 5 centers for the different arcs and mark them with the iron bars.

The 5 midpoints

The 5 midpoints

One begins to mowe best in the center. The steel rope  is fastened with a snap hook. I first hook it in M1 and let the lawn mower follow the marking for the appropriate radius (R=1,50 m). The remaining surface in the center should directly be mown.

Then the rope will be changed to the next center point and in sequence all the turns will be mown. That would be here the R=2,50 m in the center M3. Then R=1,50 m around M2.

You must  consider naturally where the different arcs are running and where the radius changes. These points are located along an extension of the line through the different centers.

At the end one mowes free-hand around the whole, in order to let the outside delimitation of the labyrinth become visible.

Ariadne's Thread

Ariadne’s Thread

If the lawn mower width is approximately 50 cm, then 50 cm will remain for the delimitation. The measures in the layout are related to the axis of the path.

The mown labyrinth

The mown labyrinth

The labyrinth shown on the photos was made in such a way. The path leads first to the right, the labyrinth was mirror-inverted. The size was 9 m, thus the dimensions in the layout had to be multiplied by 0,5.

Villa Unspunnen

Villa Unspunnen

In the morning light

In the morning light

Open for the light

Open for the light


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