Wander, Labyrinthine Variations

“Wander, Labyrinthine Variations” is the title of an exhibition at the Centre Pompidou-Metz (France) which I want to visit on January 6, 2012 together with some people more or less eager for the labyrinth.

Everything is in French and the official title is: Erre, variations labyrinthiques.

A short extract from the description of the organizers (in English):

“Wander, Labyrinthine Variations” is an international group exhibition, which takes its cue from the model of the labyrinth, tackling the notions of straying, loss and wandering as well as their various representations in contemporary art.

Mystical, archaic forms, labyrinths and mazes are examined here as metaphors. They form complex figures that associate the image of non-linear progression through bends, curves, repentance and returns … whether architectural, mental, economic or structural in nature.

Though this sounds suspicious to be predominantly a maze; nevertheless, I am open for surprises. 

The exhibition runs since September 12, 2011 and still lasts to March 5, 2012.

Who wants to know more or may find out where to go:  Here is the link to the English introduction of the exhibition on the website of the Centre Pompidou-Metz.

Here a link to a trailer:

Erre, variations labyrinthiques du 12/09/2011 au …

Here an other one (still a little longer and in French):

« Erre, variation labyrinthique » au centre …


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  1. This project was developed by the artist, Mudam (Grand Duke Jean Museum of Modern Art in Luxembourg), the Centre Pompidou-Metz and the exhibition curators, Hélène Guenin and Laurent Le Bon. The installation is entitled “Echos, travaux in situ” and is the follow-up of the in situ project “Architecture, contre architecture: transposition”, which was held at Mudam.


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