Summer Solstice and Labyrinth

The labyrinth as earth sign connects us with the whole cosmos and concomitantly the sun.
In these days the astronomical summer begins, we have (here in the Northern hemisphere of the earth) the longest days and the shortest nights, the sun stands most highly in the sky. On June 21 we had the summer solstice.
All kinds of customs and celebrations are connected with it. We do not know if there is any direct relation to the (old, historical) labyrinth. Some wanted to see in its courses an image of the planets, others referenced to the sun, quite others wanted to discover a calendar.

The labyrinth on the Benediktushof at sunset

The labyrinth on the Benediktushof at sunset

The labyrinth invites us to turn ourselves in its turns, and to turn us to the light.

Here a post to the labyrinth of Steigra shall be reminded, where on summer solstice the sun sets down behind the entrance of the labyrinth.

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