A New Turf Labyrinth at the University Hospital of Magdeburg (Germany)

11 days after the World Labyrinth Day the new lawn Labyrinth was initiated solemly on a meadow  between house 4 and house 20 in the university medical centre of Magdeburg on the 18th of May, 2016.

So there is also a Classical, Cretan 7 Circuit labyrinth in the Knidos style besides the 11 Circuit pavement labyrinth of the Chartres type in front of the west portal of the Magdeburg Cathedral. The Knidos Labyrinth has a larger middle than the usuall Classical labyrinths, here it amounts to the fourfold of the dimension between axes of 90 cm.

There have been long and intensive consultations and preconsiderations before building the labyrinth. The driving force behind the project was the therapist of the university hospital for psychiatry and psychotherapy Uta Bittkau. She managed the conviction work and she did the fundraising. She found committed contributors in Ute Zeising, employee in the area of Building care, Stefan Feige, leader of the central project office and Marcus Bursian, manager of the company Grünland Landschaftsbau GmbH.

I was enabled to contribute the draught for the labyrinth. The paths are 50 cm wide and built of grit, seperated by grass strips of 40 cm width. The whole diameter is 16 m and the path length into the middle amounts to 213 m.
The assiduous gardeners of the company Grünland Landschaftsbau GmbH lead by Marcus Bursian implemented the blueprint. They will also be responsible for the care.

Layout drawing of the Knidos labyrinth

Layout drawing of the Knidos labyrinth

The speakers at the inauguration ceremony were Daniela Süssmann (landscape architect), Jens Hennicke (manager of the engineer health insurance Saxony-Anhalt), as well as the present hospital manager Prof. Dr. med. Thomas Frodl from the university hospital for psychiatry and psychotherapy and his predecessor Prof. em. Dr. med. Bernhard Bogerts. They were all supporting the project on different levels.

Claudia Schmidt and her group sang a mantra, as well as the labyrinth music from “canela” accompanied the first, solemn walk into the labyrinth.

May the new turf labyrinth be a place of rest and reflection and unfold its possibilities of self-awareness and orientation for all visitors.

Here some impressions of the inauguration:

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