A Latvian Classical Labyrinth

At the last labyrinth congress in Latvia I could experience a classical labyrinth with quite an unusual shape.

Here a few pictures:

The path on the soil was about 40 cm wide, the limitation stones measured about 30 cm and were embedded in 25 cm wide stripes of grass on each side. The middle section was quite big with a round flowerbed in it. The total path length was stated with 232 m.

So now what is so special about this labyrinth?

The special feature is that the middle section is much bigger than usual and that the four turning points are not arranged in a square and therefore do not form a cross as we know it from the Cretan labyrinth. Thus the labyrinth is of almost perfectly circular form.

The prototype

The prototype

Here I would like to show by a (left handed) prototype how one could construct it best of all. I use the unity of 1 m as dimension between axes, so that the labyrinth can be scaled into different dimensions.

The main construction

The main construction

We begin with the definition of the midpoint M1 and the both upper turning points M2 and M3. Using point M3 and M1 we determine point M4 with the measurements 6.00 m and 6.50 m. After that point M5 is fixed with with the measurements 4.00 m from M4 and 5.50 m from M1.

Thus we marked the midpoints for all curves and the four turning points M2, M3, M4 and M5.

After that all the different arcs are to be marked out and the labyrinth with its limitation lines is finished.

Layout drawing

Layout drawing

Here you can see/print/save/copy the layout drawing as a PDF file  …

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