Labyrinth Tour round Würzburg

There are many labyrinths in Würzburg and around Würzburg. This attracted my attention the last week.

Els from the Netherlands visited me on the long way round over Würzburg on her way back home from Denmark to see all the labyrinths which she had not yet seen since the last visit some years ago.

In every labyrinth we visited, we also inserted some minute’s silence for the two labyrinth thrilled pilgrims Kimberly and Lisa who walked during these days from Paris to Chartres. This way I have also gone in the year 2003 together with Gernot Candoloni and an Austrian group. Thus I could empathize with them.

On on Tuesday we visited the labyrinths in Kürnach, Münsterschwarzach (2), Neustadt a.d. Aisch, Bad Windsheim and at the ZIM in Würzburg. On Wednesday we were in Münnerstadt, Bad Kissingen, Theilheim and to finish one more time in the Chartres labyrinth at the ZIM in Würzburg.

To draw a balance: These were 10 visits of 9 different labyrinths, thereof 7 new for Els.
We experienced a lot and had a good time together.

At almost every labyrinth we placed something for our both companions in France:

  • A feather that they may walk easy.
  • Some little stones that they may leave behind all gravity.
  • Some leaves and blossoms that they take pleasure in her way.
  • Some fruits that the way gives them new strength.

Here a few impressions:

By the way I come on about 20 labyrinths which there are in Würzburg (4) and around Würzburg (16). We are blessed with labyrinths.


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