The Bypass Labyrinth

A year ago I have reported about the Swedish Troy Towns on mymaze and there also about the special design of a labyrinth in bypass mode.
You see, there are labyrinths for nearly all purposes. We still had a Heart Labyrinth.

How does the bypass look like?
Here the pattern from the book Gotländskt Arkiv 1983, in which John Kraft writes about the Swedish Troy Towns. The sketch is of Bo Stjernström, a further Swedish labyrinth specialist.

The Seed Pattern

The Seed Pattern

You see the probably well-known basic pattern with the variant to produce a bypass.

Here a design of the complete labyrinth, so that one can reconstruct the entire alignment.

Bypass Labyrinth with 10 Circuits

Bypass Labyrinth with 10 Circuits

Without the bypass that would result in a labyrinth with 11 circuits, so we have only 10 circuits.

And here Ariadne’s thread:

Ariadne's Thread

Ariadne's Thread

Now don’t ask me for which such a labyrinth was good.
Perhaps one for heart patients? Because one has to walk less? Because one goes nearer to the center? Because the center is larger? Because less is sometimes more?

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