The Mysterious Labyrinth

Das geheimnisvolle Labyrinth (The mysterious labyrinth) from Gernot Candolini
now turned up in a new edition. With this book I entered in 2002 into the world of labyrinths. A lot of things happened since this day on my labyrinthine path. Among other I became acquainted with Gernot, I was with him in Chartrs as member of a group travel.
And I am a little bit proud that in his new book some labyrinths are stated, in whose building I could participate. And that this picture found the way into his book.

The labyrinth at the Benediktushof 2005

The labyrinth at the Benediktushof 2005

There it is to see however somewhat smaller. Here you can enjoy it
in full size by clicking into the picture.

Gladly I make some advertisement for Gernot Candolini’s book here.
It costs 20 € in Germany and was published by Pattloch. The ISBN is 978-3-629-02160-1.

Dear Gernot, I wish that your your book will find open hearts in all labyrinthish and/or not so labyrinthish interested people.

Lisa is greeting you

Lisa is greeting you

1 thought on “The Mysterious Labyrinth

  1. What a beautiful labyrinth! A true labyrinth of snow!!!

    And congratulations to Gernot, I too wish for his book to be a continued success in bringing this beauty to others!


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