The Labyrinth Type Gossembrot

A new labyrinth in an old design is the type Gossembrot.

It has 5 arms and 7 circuits with a completely different pattern than the related medieval types, like Chartres, Reims, Bayeux, Amiens etc.

Sigmund Gossembrot d.Ä. (1417 – 1493), humanist and councilman of Augsburg, compiled at 1480 nine labyrinth designs in a script. In Hermann Kerns definitive book Labyrinths the sketches are shown and described as illustrations 238-245.

Andreas Frei (Switzerland) is engaged in labyrinth theory and explains this type of labyrinth as one with interlocking paths.
You will find more details on his website (in German): Das Muster im Labyrinth.

In different editions of  Caerdroia (published by Jeff Saward) some articles of Andreas Frei are published about this type of labyrinth. He can take credit for having recognized and interpreted the pattern contained in it.

Type Gossembrot

Type Gossembrot

As far as I know this type of labyrinth was not ever built as a walkable labyrinth. Who begins?

Crucial for a good labyrinth design are balance, good proportions and according to my opinion also what I would like to name (perhaps somewhat highfalutin) dramaturgy of the way sequence. And that is common to the most different labyrinth types.

The first way leads into the middle of the labyrinth, circles after a few steps the centre, oscillates then outwards and inwards, approximates the centre possibly again and reaches then surprisingly from completely outside, again in few steps the centre.

In the classical labyrinth it is so rudimentarily, perfect in the type Chartres and likewise in the type Gossembrot.

6 thoughts on “The Labyrinth Type Gossembrot

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  4. I just had this conversation yesterday about what happens when the mind is lulled into thinking it is going one way, only to find another, even though they know they haven’t missed a step along the path! I believe their have been some seven-circuit, five-armed labyrinths made… how close to this design they are, I do not know.


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