The Labyrinth as Diagram

The labyrinth is not symmetrically, at least not at first sight. But it can be mirrored.

Here as left-hand labyrinth. The first way inside (denoted with 3) leads first to the left.

The left-hand classical labyrinth

The left-hand classical labyrinth

Now mirrored. So we have the right-hand labyrinth, because the way inside turns to the right first.

The ways are numbered from outside to inside. Thus the way sequence can be expressed in numbers: A-3-2-1-4-7-6-5-Z.
That is also the rhythm of the labyrinth or its melody.

The right-hand classical labyrinth

The right-hand classical labyrinth

Here a completely different representation method for the labyrinth, a rectangular diagram.
The ways are distorted and drawn schematically. It is extended and brought into a rectangular form, turned and mirrored thereby. The entrance axis (A) is shown on the one side of the rectangle and the goal axis (Z) on the other side, although they lie close together.
Maybe you can imagine that the ways are drawn on a ring and then cut through and apart-folded, as e.g. on a can.

The classical labyrinth as diagram

The classical labyrinth as diagram

Why all this?

Because it lets discover that there is nevertheless a symmetry in the labyrinth.

Also the internal structure and the pattern can be seen.

The best would be to reconstruct all this on the basis of the different colours and numbers.

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