In a comment I got the reference to a presentation, in which the labyrinth plays a role.

Title: Sarirayantra or “Das Band der Flut”  or “Der Allursatz der Flut”. Author is Mar Cel.

The presentation can be seen on Vimeo (duration 22 minutes).

You may select between a QuickTime a presentation, Apple Keynotes presentation and different printing versions.

The labyrinth is placed into a quite large and cosmic connection. One can see it in such a way, must however not. It will be the best to look yourself.

Annotation: All the text is in German.

The golden ratio

The golden ratio

© Mar Cel (Anangavajra Tamratejas) 2009

For the following terms, which emerge all, a resuming view cannot harm. Therefore a link is specified (mostly to Wikipedia) for all of them.

1 thought on “Sarirayantra

  1. What a great resource Erwin! Isn’t it wonderful, that all of these terms can be used to explore and deepen an understanding of the labyrinth?


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