World Labyrinth Day 2020: Drawing a Labyrinth

Once again (for the 12th time) the Labyrinth Society invites us to celebrate World Labyrinth Day.
As every year, it is the first Saturday in May, this year May 2nd, 2020.

Flyer of the Labyrinth Society

Flyer of the Labyrinth Society

The global corona pandemic is also affecting this day. Larger group events are usually not possible.
That is why the day should be celebrated differently than usual. There are many ways to do this.

The Labyrinth Society offers a 24-hour online event entitled Walk around the World, which virtually connects people on the GoToMeeting platform across time zones.
This requires registration. More information is available on the Labyrinth Society website:

Lars Howlett offers to use a finger labyrinth virtually and online.

Design © Lars Howlett

Design © Lars Howlett

This will take place in a zoom meeting on May 2nd, 2020 from 12:45 to 14:00 PM Pacific Time (USA and Canada), at which you can register here:

Here is a converter for the different time zones:

My proposal: Drawing a labyrinth

There are also many options and methods for this. Some have already been featured in this blog.
How about a labyrinth on empty toilet paper rolls? After all the hamster purchases, should there be enough?
Ariadne’s thread, the path in the labyrinth, is drawn directly. So we do not need a pattern, as we do it usually to draw the classic labyrinth.

Toilet paper rolls labyrinths

Toilet paper rolls labyrinths

How to do this is explained here.

Or do we draw the (boundary) lines for a Wunderkreis? The path runs between the lines here. It is a walk-through labyrinth with a choice.

The lines for a Wunderkreis

The lines for a Wunderkreis

The details are explained below:

But we can also draw the path in the labyrinth, Ariadne’s  thread:

Ariadne's thread in a Wunderkreis

Ariadne’s thread in a Wunderkreis (Kaufbeuren)

We see the method here:

For many, however, it will also be possible, as usual, to walk a labyrinth.

No matter how, World Labyrinth Day can be celebrated.
The Labyrinth Society is again organizing a survey.

If you are looking for a labyrinth near you, maybe you will find one here:

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