The Canterbury Labyrinth at the University of Kent

The University of Kent in south-east England owns a permanent labyrinth since October 2008. So it is the first University in England which has beside two canvas labyrinths indoors a permanent labyrinth on the campus, on-site and outdoors. 

On Youtube you can watch a short video which is classified in the category Comedy. Let us suppose that as expression of the British humor. One can catch the centre in record-breaking 36 seconds.

Dr Jan Sellers led the Labyrinth Project as part of the University’s Creative Campus Initiative. She says:

We are using labyrinths as quiet, structured time and place for reflection, contributing to the student and staff experience, and as part of a creative approach to teaching and learning.

An example for working across disciplines was a workshop by labyrinth facilitator Jay Edge together with poet and lecturer Patricia Debney, Canterbury’s first Poet Laureate.

The design of the turf labyrinth (a 7-circuit Creys Court type) is from Jeff Saward and Andrew Wiggins.

It was put into practice by  The Labyrinth Builders with their gardening services Haywood Landscapes Ltd.

The labyrinth seen on the website of  Labyrinth Builders.

The labyrinth seen on the website of the University of Kent.

All in all, a high quality work with high claim.

Source: Labyrinth Pathways, 3rd edition, July 2009

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