A Latvian Baltic Wheel

During the labyrinth congress in Valguma Pasaule a new labyrinth of special kind was initiated: A labyrinth of the type Baltic wheel whose boundary lines are formed by man-shaped name panels with Latvian first names.

In Latvia the name day has a bigger meaning than the birthday.

The participants of the congress completed a part of about 1500 prepared little figures with the inscription of names. Now these little wooden figures had to be put into the sandy soil on two iron sticks. There were not enough panels and some have not been lettered yet. The labyrinth was opened solemnly together with the Latvian musician’s family Igauņi. Afterwards everybody celebrated the opening with Latvian folk music and folk dances accompanied by a first-rate dinner.

Once more Vita Beļavniece and Viesturs Serdāns have created something special in Valguma Pasaule with this labyrinth and have contributed another one to the already existing labyrinths .

The layout

The layout

The labyrinth came into being in connection with the barefoot path on a specially heaped up sandy surface in the wood. The paths are 1 m wide, the middle surrounding a tree has a size of about 8.5 m and the whole diameter is about 26.5 m. The simple way into the center is about 492 m long, the boundary lines with the little figures are about 540 m long. A striking tree stands in the middle, two others form the gate.

The Baltic wheel is suited especially well for groups, because one can walk in and out in pairs side by side. There is an aditional short path on which you can enter or leave the Labyrinth more quickly as this path leads directly to the middle.

Here some photographic impressions:

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