The Latvian Pavement Labyrinth Type Chartres at Valguma Pasaule

During the labyrinth congress in Latvia I could also experience a pavement labyrinth type Chartres besides the classical labyrinth and the Baltic wheel. Vita and Viesturs put it on in 2010 beyond the property on a meadow at the edge of the forest. The photo of a similar labyrinth in the gardens of the world in Berlin Marzahn was obviously taken as model for this labyrinth. They probably did not have an exact plan. Thus I have taken some measurements and developed this drawing:

The layout

The layout

The paths and the limitation lines are each 40 cm wide. The paths are formed by 6 rows of bright granite stones, the limitation lines by 7 rows of dark stones. The middle has a diameter of 1.80 m, built of 8 rows of bright stones and the center piece measures 80 cm in diameter. The center piece is formed by one single plate of reddish granite with a width of 80 cm and has a slightly convex shape.

The paths and lines are framed by 7 rows of dark stones in a width of about 77 cm. The paved surface has therefore a diameter of 21 m. A 2.50-m-wide way from grit joins this, surrounded by bigger fieldstones.
The path length from the outside up to the central midpoint amounts to a total of 371 m.

The labyrinth ist to be recognized on Google Earth. The geographic coordinates are N 56° 58′ 55″, E 23° 18′ 9″.

Aerial view

Aerial view

Here are some photographic impressions:

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