A Lavender Labyrinth Type Ravenna at Bamberg (Germany)

A way of creation was installed in Bamberg in 2007 with 12 stations on the circular track. It begins and ends at the former cloister Saint Michael.

A lavender labyrinth on a meadow below the clinic Saint Getreu is the second station. The alignment is taken from the medieval labyrinth in the cathedral San Vitale in Ravenna (Italy), dated to the 16th century.

The 7-circuit medieval labyrinth type Ravenna

The 7-circuit medieval labyrinth type Ravenna

The labyrinth has a diameter of about 27 m. The way into the center amounts to good 350 meters. In the middle grows a vine.  The geographical position of the labyrinth: N 49° 53′ 39.4″, E 10° 52′ 18.2″.

Seen on Google Earth: The labyrinth is situated on the Meadow between the “St. Getreu-Straße” und the way “Ottobrunnen” (not for cars).

If you want to visit the labyrinth the best would be to look for the St. Getreu-Straße. The church St. Getreu and the clinic St. Getreu are situated there too. If one goes (seen from the street) on the left side around the clinic downhill, one will hit the labyrinth on the meadow. Or easier: you enter the clinic, cut across, and take a door outward at the lowest level.

There is a flyer with a location drawing and information on the 12 stations of the creation way. The way was put on to the 1000-years jubilee of the archbishopric Bamberg. Klaus Schwaab, the environmental officer of the archdiocese Bamberg, is person of contact.

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