The Doctopus Labyrinth

Gundula Thormaehlen-Friedman once again was creative. And so this new double octopus labyrinth was created. I derive the name from the core of her idea, the double eight semicircles in the middle of the labyrinth. These also form the seed pattern for Ariadne’s thread (see related articles below).
The free ends of these 16 semicircles can be connected to one another in different ways. So the well-known Classical 7 circuit labyrinth appears, or other variants, such as e.g. the snail shell labyrinth (see also below).

Ariadne's thread in the Doctopus Labyrinth

Ariadne’s thread in the Doctopus Labyrinth

What is so special about this labyrinth? A lot.
For a better explanation, a drawing of the thread follows in a simplified form with some construction elements.

The construction elements

The construction elements

The labyrinth actually spans a sphere. However, it is opened and therefore shows two poles. It is reminiscent of the globe. The vertical axis, like the earth’s axis, is inclined. The thread is intersected on the horizontal axis (equator), but at the same time also linked here. This is the axis crossing in horizontal form.
The beginning and the end are in the middle, not outside and inside as usually.
The access is, as it were, on another level (like a tunnel or a bridge), so it looks two-dimensional (see the post about the outback at the bottom). This also turns it into a walk through labyrinth.
However, if I follow the path sequence, I end up with 0-3-2-1- | -4-7-6-5-8. And that’s the well-known Classical 7 circuit labyrinth.
The thread can also be numbered differently. Then I will get a different path sequence, e.g. two linked labyrinths, a 3 circuit and a 4 circuit labyrinth.

Gundula and her daughter Dara Friedman were able to realize their ideas in a project in Florida. A versatile labyrinth was created there. A relationship and encounter labyrinth was born.

The Doctopus Labyrinth, photo: © Dara Friedman

The Doctopus Labyrinth, photo: © Dara Friedman

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