Labyrinth Event at Eisingen (Germany)

The St. Josefs-Stift Eisingen celebrated its annual festivity on Christ Ascension Day, May 21, 2009. The ensemble of the Theaterwerkstatt Eisingen (theater workshop) performed a play with large masks inside the labyrinth.

The musical accompaniment came from the group ” Das Flussvolk” in the persons of Kysara and Frederik, which had composed a new music particularly for this piece .

When I made the acquaintance of the Theaterwerkstatt Eisingen for the first time on the labyrinth congress 2003 in Zurich, I never imagined that the same troop would arise once in its own labyrinth in Eisingen… and that I would have taken part in the building of this labyrinth.

Thanks to all and a special memory of Viktor, which went from us this year.

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