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Type in Style

For the typology of labyrinths I exclusively use one criterion: the course of the pathway. This becoms best apparent in the pattern. Labyrinths with the same pattern are thus of the same type. From this I distinguish the style. Style can be described as a trailblazing form of the graphical design.

Type and style complement each other. In many labyrinth examples it is possible to indicate the type and the style. However, it is not possible to indicate a style  in every example. At the end I will attribute the labyrinth examples I used in this series to types and, if possible, indicate also the styles of them. A list of the types used is given at the end of this post.


From post Type or Style / 1





Cretan type in the Chartres style






Chartres type in the classical style



From post Type or Style / 3






Cretan type in the classical style






Cretan type in the concentric style







Chalice: There exist historical labyrinths with the same pattern. I therefore name this type Abingdon (not shown in post but mentioned)





Trinity: type of it’s own (type Trinity) in the Chartres style





St. Anthony: type of it’s own (type St. Anthony)






Circle of Peace: type of it’s own (type Circle of Peace)






Santa Rosa: type of it’s own (type Santa Rosa; not shown in post, but mentioned)




From post Type or Style / 4






Chartres 8 circuits: type of it’s own  (type Regensburg; Cretan type with one additional trivial circuit at the inside)






Chartres 8 circuits: type of it’s own (type Charneu in the Chartres style).






Grey’s Court: type Grey’s Court






Ravenna 5 circuits: There exist historical labyrinths with the same pattern. I therefore name this type Compiègne






Chartres, 5 circuits: type of it’s own (type Emendingen)



From post Type or Style / 5

Reims 1




Type Reims


Chartres 5




Type Chartres in the Reims style


In order not to overload this post I interrupt here and will present the other types in my next post.


The types:



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