Data Medium and Labyrinth

Data medium and ceramic
What has that to do with the labyrinth?

Where does the labyrinth come from?
Who invented or created it, because it is a cultural achievement of mankind?
The origin is for us in the dark and the original sense is not exactly well-known. So about 3000 years we can retrace it. For the time before we don’t have any proofs. We miss the data media.

What is a good data medium?
What do we use today? Disks, CDs, DVDs, MEMORY sticks, magnetic tapes. How long do those hold? I read recently that in the best case we can await 20 years lifetime. You don’t believe that? Do you still know 5 ¼”-diskettes and the system software DOS? All forgotten, all antiquated. Also 3 ½”diskettes become extinct. The new computers have no longer a disk drive for them.

Pylos tablet

Pylos tablet

Look to the ceramic
From where do we know from the labyrinth? The oldest, surely datable labyrinth symbol is on a tablet from the palace of Nestor in Pylos in Greece. The tablets was found in 1957 and was hardened with hundreds of similar tablets through the fire of the palace about 1200 B.C. That was maintained over 3200 years. On clay I can burn the labyrinth, on a CD also. Where can I see it immediately, can feel it, follow the traces?

Alexander Lautenbacher

From Alexander Lautenbacher

Gabriele Schubert

From Gabriele Schubert

Marianne Ewaldt

From Marianne Ewaldt

What will keep up longer?
This blog will surely not survive 3000 years.
But the ceramic labyrinths could still be here.

Pylos tablet

Pylos tablet