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Types and Examples

In my last post I have attributed some labyrinth examples to various styles. Here I will now attribute labyrinth examples to types of labyrinths. I have already described what is a type of labyrinth in post / 6 of this series (see related posts). I refer to single individuals of labyrinths as examples, irrespective of whether they appear as images, drawings, plans, laid-out built labyrinths etc. I will use the three types already described in my previous post and attribute a selected number of examples to each.


RF Kretisches Labyrinth


Examples of the Cretan Type


There exist a vast number of labyrinth examples of the Cretan Type. This is the type with the most examples. Great differences can be seen with respect to style or layout of the various examples. But all of them are alternating one-arm labyrinths with seven circuits and a level sequence of  3, 2, 1, 4, 7, 6, 5.


RF Reims


Examples of the Reims Type


There are only a very few examples of the Reims type. I know only two historical examples. Therefore in order to make one line complete, I have added a drawing of my own.


RF Chartres


Exemples of the Chartres Type


This is completely different for the Chartres type. This is the second most frequent type of labyrinth.

This type is also particularly suited to highlight the difference between type and style. As is known,  there exist a Chartres type as well as a Chartres style. So we just have to compare the labyrinths attributed to the Chartres type here with the examples from my last post (Type or Style /9) that were attributed to the Chartres style.

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