Exhibition at Salzburg (Austria): The Octagon from Marianne Ewaldt

The Roman Cellar of the hypo-bank of  Salzburg was the first station of the exhibition “In der Mitte sein” (Be in the center) of the artist Marianne Ewaldt. It was opened from the 15th to the 29th of June, 2012.

Marianne Ewaldt has put a labyrinth inside an octagon with mirrored walls. She was inspired by an idea sketch of Leonardo Da Vinci (1492 – 1519) which could not be realised, however, at his time.

It is an experience of own kind, to realize in such surroundings the middle of the octagon, of the labyrinth and his own middle. Since one finds himself often reflected, on no account restricted or depressed as one could maybe suppose. The space opens widely. It is another way in the labyrinth on the search to itself.

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The next opportunity to walk the labyrinth inside the octagon will be at Hofkirchen (Austria) during the next labyrinth congress for the German-speaking area from August 2 to 5, 2012.

Note from October 16, 2012: The octagon is now in a museum, called “Villa sinnenreich” at Rohrbach (Upper Austria), where it can be visited during the opening times of the museum.
Here is a link to the museum.

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More information about the Salzburg ceramic and land art artist Marianne Ewaldt on her website.

Labyrinth Sphere

The perforated labyrinth ball of the Austrian artist Marianne Ewaldt from Salzburg permits to look through the labyrinth structure.

The classical labyrinth offers an organizing principle, is stable and permeable at the same time, has clear lines and alive forms, holds together and leaves open, invites to become creative, and offers the way to the center.

Labyrinth Sphere

Labyrinth Sphere

More about her further work on her website marianne-ewaldt.at … link >

Labyrinth Sphere

An other way to represent the labyrinth: As a sphere.

Labyrinth Sphere

Labyrinth Sphere

Ariadne’s thread in a classical 7-circuit labyrinth covers the whole place on the sphere.

It is a work of art from Marianne Ewaldt. She says:

The sphere symbolises the world, wholeness, unity.
The individual labyrinth sphere represents the concept: The whole world is a labyrinth.

Marianne Ewaldt created different labyrinth spheres since 1999. Some of them you can see on her website … Link>