The Roman Labyrinth in the Römerpark Ruffenhofen (Germany)

With a view to the Hesselberg and within sight of the Limes Germanicus there is at historical place an unhistorical Roman labyrinth – because being built in 2009.

The Römerpark (Roman’s park) Ruffenhofen is situated in the region Hesselberg in Middle Franconia (Bavaria, Germany) between the Romantic Road and the Franconian Lake District. The archaeological park is between the municipalities of Weiltingen, Wittelshofen and Gerolfingen, close to Ruffenhofen on a free area on which by archaeological findings a Roman fort and an adjacent civilian settlement (Vicus) could be proved. Nearby lies the Raethian Limes (100 – 254 AD) whose course from an elevated hill is to be recognised more or less clearly in the scenery.

In the interactive map you can explore the surroundings of the Römerpark and how to travel there. The labyrinth has the geographic coordinates 49°2’41.20″ N, 10°28’55.70″ E.

The Roman labyrinth from the 1st to the 3rd century AD is known on graffiti and on mosaics. There were no walkable historical labyrinths in this form and under the contemporary labyrinths this type appears seldom if ever. So much the better and appropriate that in these surroundings such a labyrinth was built.
It was built by youngsters from ten different countries in July, 2009 on occasion of a workshop with support of the Amt für Ländliche Entwicklung (office for rural development) Ansbach.
In front of the labyrinth is a big information board with notes on the different labyrinth types and explanations to the difference between labyrinths and mazes.

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The labyrinth belongs to the Römerpark Ruffenhofen which is dedicated above all to the Raethian Limes. In 2005, the remnants of the Upper Germanic & Raethian Limes were inscribed on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites as Frontiers of the Roman Empire.

If  you would like to visit the labyrinth, you should follow the signs to the Römerpark Ruffenhofen on the street between Dinkelsbühl and Wassertrüdingen. In the Römerpark itself one finds it near the car park 2, not far away from the sight hill and the remake of the Roman fort.

The Römerpark is under construction since 2003. As next the new building of the LIMESEUM should be finished in 2012. At the moment the museum is accommodated in the city hall Weiltingen.

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