The Exhibition THROUGH LABYRINTHS at Barcelona

At the moment and still up to the 9th of January, 2011 there is in Barcelona in the CCCB (Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona) an exhibition about labyrinths and mazes.

The presentation of the exhibition on the website of the CCCB sounds promising. Allow me to quote:



The labyrinth as a construction and a symbol is present in many cultural traditions. As explained by Eco (author of the foreword to the exhibition catalogue), the thousands of years of history of this figure reveal the fascination it has always held for humankind, representing as it does an aspect of the human condition: there are countless situations that are very easy to get into, but more difficult to extract oneself from.

This exhibition, scripted by Ramon Espelt, curated and designed by Oscar Tusquets, with Jorge Wagensberg as advisor, reviews the concept and representation of the labyrinth throughout history, making a clear distinction between single-path labyrinths and mazes, labyrinths with a choice of paths, and reflecting on the relevance of this element and different practices and uses today.

The exhibition comprises a series of very varied spaces illustrated by works with a variety of different sources, formats, authors and periods, such as archaeological pieces, engravings, photographs, maps, screenings and models, plus specially created audiovisual, animated and interactive pieces.

On the website of the CCCB is still further information.
Jeff Saward and Jürgen Hohmuth also count to the photographers.