How to Make Seven New (up to now unknown) 7 Circuit Labyrinths on Snow

A way is made by walking it. This is applicable all the more for the labyrinth. And on snow this is especially nice – and simply possible. Thus I tried to put into practise the theoretical / mathematical considerations of the last blog entries.

For that to happen, I memorized the path sequence of the respective thread of Ariadne, and repeated it over and over again like a mantra while trampling the path into the  snow. And I counted in which circuit I just was and which was the next to come. For one have to pay attention where and what circuits will be made later,  and leave enough place for them. Having a look at the providently printed drawing of the prototype before tracking the path will help.
After arriving the center I traced back one more time the whole long way to the beginning what was sometimes quite strenuous. One should not change the lane, this is a point of honor. And if one makes the distances between the single circuits greater than a hop, this is likewise not possible.

I have tried to implement all 7 new types. I have made some more often. My “favorite type” is at present 5674 1238. The path sequence as an eight digits figure can be noticed quite well in two groups of four. Then the well-known classical labyrinth would be e.g. the type 3214 7658.

Who wants, can investigate more exactly the different types in the below quoted post. And if someone liked to experience the path on one’s own, he may copy and print the drawings.

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6 thoughts on “How to Make Seven New (up to now unknown) 7 Circuit Labyrinths on Snow

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  2. Thank you Erwin, but in this case… reaching the middle is not my goal! My rule for nighttime-in my mind-labyrinth walking is… that if I leave the path and pay attention to the chatter, I have to start over. Tracing the path of the labyrinth in my mind in this way is a technique I’ve developed over the years to help me relax and fall back asleep. Too short of a path, like a five or less circuit labyrinth doesn’t work for me, too long of a path I get lost! I find that a seven circuit labyrinth with quarter and half turns usually works best for me and/or tracing the lines of the Hopi Labyrinth. However, while I am awake, if there was a blank path of snow in front of me, your instructions here would be invaluable!


    • Lea,
      thank you for revealing your sleep-again-technique with the labyrinth. So these up to now unknown seven circuit labyrinths maybe may help as they are a little bit more complicated than the well-known “Cretan” labyrinth.


  3. Hello Erwin, this way of walking the labyrinth, which shows up so lovely in the snow, is my favorite sleep aid when I awake in the middle of the night and can not get back to sleep. I trace the pattern in my my minds eye, and if I drift… I start over. I usually am fast asleep before ever reaching the center! I love seeing these other seven-circuit designs and will give them a try. Thank you so much!


    • Lea,
      to reach the middle of the labyrinth before falling in sleep again, I recommend to look for a easier alignment: 5 circuits for example or even only 3. 0-3-2-1-4


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