The Stone Labyrinth of Contemplation at Hofkirchen i.M. (Austria)

On Saturday 4th of August, 2012 at the the labyrinth congress in Hofkirchen i. M., the morning was dedicated to the labyrinth of transformation. We had first a short introduction to the origination process of this impressive labyrinth made of granite from the Mühlviertel (Austrian district, where Hofkirchen is situated). After that we explored the labyrinth ourselves, combined with a small ritual.

The layout of the stone labyrinth

The layout of the stone labyrinth

Here some information from a very good made tablet beside the labyrinth:



Here some pictures from the labyrinth walk:

Please try also to use the carousel for looking the pictures in full screen mode. Click inside any picture. Then you can scroll forwards and backwards. To return to this post click into the black surface or press the “Esc” key on your keyboard.

Who wants to visit the labyrinth, has several possibilities:

  • Look for information on the website Labyrinthe Hofkirchen
  • Ask anyone on site, because everybody in Hofkirchen knows the way
  • Orientate and navigate on one’s own. Hikers and bikers will reach it directly, drivers must get out before. Here the geographical position of the stone labyrinth: 48 28 38.9 N, 13 50 0.6 E

Or take a look on Google Earth? The labyrinth is not to be seen as yet. But maybe in some years when the satellite images are replaced?
The labyrinth is approximately in the middle of the image, on a clearing in the right upper corner.

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