Life and Labyrinth

Life after birth?
One of the numerous events during the labyrinth project Würzburg 2004 was a mystery play, which was enacted by pupils of the Riemenschneider grammar school in the labyrinth.

Labyrinth at the Rosenbachpark

Labyrinth at the Rosenbachpark

Some sentences I can still remember. Two pupils spoke a dialog between two unborn ones in their mother’s body. Thereby it concerned whether there would be a life after the birth.
The one could not imagine that at all and stated all kinds of arguments for its point of view: How should that be possible? I am here nevertheless so well. I have everything that I need. My mother is always around me. What will thereafter happen to me? Is there anything different from here? How am I to know, I did not see it yet at all? None returned from there.
The other one could imagine that well and had likewise arguments for its opinion: I have confidence to my mother. So far she always cared well for me. Why shouldn’t there be something entirely different? It would be nevertheless beautiful to come out from this tightness. Why should it be always the same here? I would like to experience something else. Why shouldn’t that be possible? That here cannot be everything.

Birth and death are two sides of the medal. The medal is called life.
Life is to be born and to die.
Or said in labyrinthine words: The beginning is the end and the end is the beginning.

3 thoughts on “Life and Labyrinth

  1. This question makes me wonder if this life is the womb and we are waiting birth??? This step in the labyrinth where we think we know where we are going, only to find the path takes us into the mystery, again and again… Wonderful post and beautiful picture…


  2. Will there be life after birth? What a provocative question to have resounding in my heart today. As winter gives way to spring’s season of rebirth, that is the perfect question for us to be asking ourselves. Thank you for planting it!


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